Producers Mark and Gabriele Hayes

Producers Mark and Gabriele Hayes

Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes lived in East Germany in the year preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall and was present in Berlin on the day of reunification. He has produced and directed documentaries on various subjects including NBA-sponsored wheelchair-basketball and a KGB victim returning to Ukraine to retrieve her child.

Mark has taught screenwriting at Southern Methodist University.

He works with his wife Gabriele Hayes in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Jena.

Gabriele Hayes

Gabriele Hayes was born in Jena, a university town in the former East Germany. She studied Russian and English and received her Master’s Degree from Friedrich Schiller University in 1989.

In July 1985, Gabriele was hitchhiking near her hometown and was given a ride by an American who is now her husband. They were married but not granted permission to leave the country until a few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. After moving to the U.S., Gabriele founded OneWorld Language Solutions, which provides language training, translations, voiceovers, and video production.