After twenty years of reunification, is Germany still divided?

Why do many Germans from the east still speak of themselves as “Ossis” and refer to their cousins from the West as “Wessis?”  Will they ever really become one country?

After reunification, life went on in the West virtually unchanged. But for those in the East, life as they knew it ceased to exist.  People read their Stasi files and learned that best friends and spouses had betrayed them.  Friendships were destroyed.  Many lost their jobs and with their jobs, their identity. Despite all of the negatives associated with the cruel regime of the former East Germany, many are experiencing “Ostalgia” – a nostalgia for the old times.  They still love their two-stroke, smoke belching Trabis. Former Stasi prisoners, dissidents, politicians, artists, comedians, Ossis, and Wessis all put their spin on a wide range of issues.

Original footage of East German life shot by the filmmakers is interwoven with gripping personal stories.

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